Tammy Ford

I’m a 20+ year hairstylist/nail technician by trade, partner in my husband’s business and a mom of two teenage girls.  I’ve been blessed with wonderfully supportive family and friends and chose to leave my career late in 2017 and pursue art full time.

At the young age of 12, I discovered my ability to see things differently than others and have the keen ability to create drawings very close to original photos. I took every art and painting course in high school, and extra courses in 4-H. I loved large design (murals,etc) so it was an obvious choice to pursue visual art/theatrical set design for a college major, but I left private college early and put myself through beauty school. Art and creativity has still been a prominent theme in my life since. I had taken many oil painting classes in my early 20’s and continued to draw and paint occasionally over the years. Then in January 2018 I stumbled across Cinnamon Cooney, The Art Sherpa (a beginning art teacher on YouTube), her mother, Ginger Cook (a worldwide acclaimed acrylic artist.) and Angela Anderson (another fine art acrylic teacher on YouTube). I finished a few tutorials, began following suggestions from their Facebook groups and in May 2018 found Cinnamon’s 18+ Fledgling challenge group for artists who were looking to step out on their own. I jumped on the bandwagon and finished 51 challenge paintings by the end of January 2019 for the 18+, along with 57 more, totaling 108 pieces in 8 months.

The feeling of accomplishing that led me to open my own studio space and join the Valley Art Association in the Chippewa Valley allowing me to show my work in their fall member show and again in the sponsored Spring community show. I received good feedback and am pleased to have 3 pieces hanging in a local gallery, Artisan Forge Studios and Gallery. I’ll also be displaying solo at 2 locations this summer as well as selling in 2 local Art Tours this fall. I was humbled and honored to be chosen as 2nd runner up in the 18+ Fledgling Challenge by Cinnamon. She and her team juried the 121 submitted collections (at 50+ each submission, that’s well over 6000 individual paintings) in May and chose 5 artists to recognize as favorite bodies of work! I’m fortunate enough to have met artists all across the world who share their unique styles and stories, now several of them are friends.

My zest for life can be a attributed to my parents, although they are both gone, they taught me hard work and perseverance are important to navigate pain and adversity!  It is my passion now to encourage and inspire others through my creative gifts. Personal creativity is empowering and I hope to promote others in their journey of self expression.

Now you can find me spending time with family/friends, my office at my hubby’s business or in my studio creating!

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